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2014 Gay Asia Travel Survey Results

Travel Gay Asia, the leading gay Asia travel website, has released the results of the 2014 Gay Asia Travel Survey.

The results are based on the opinions of 350 respondents to a survey conducted on the Travel Gay Asia web site during May and June 2014, combined with an analysis of 5,000 gay travel reservations and provides a unique insight into this fast-growing market.


Travelling solo

54% of respondents said they travel on their own, compared with 30% who said they usually travel with a partner.

16% said they usually travel with a friend or group of friends.


Checking-in as a gay couple can still be a problem

20% of respondents said they have experienced a problem at a hotel because they were a same-sex couple.


We’re not twins, we are a couple

 The most consistent issue reported was a hotel providing a twin room, when a double had been previously booked.


A “gay-friendly” reputation is important

Our survey confirmed that a country’s “gay-friendly” reputation has an impact on holiday spending decisions, with 89% saying it was an important factor.


Gay travellers like to hit the beach, shop, sight-see and enjoy a gay nightlife

Popular holiday activities include hitting the beach (53%) sightseeing (70%), shopping (56%) and enjoying gay bars & clubs (75%).  Less than 14% of respondents preferred non-gay nightlife.


A local gay scene has a big impact on holiday decisions

Availability of a gay bar scene is more important than gay nightclubs.  More than 88% of respondents said that the availability of gay bars was important, compared with on 58% who considered gay dance clubs as being important.


Bangkok – Asia’s most popular destination

Despite recent troubles (a coup occurred during the time the survey was open), Bangkok stands out as the most popular destination for gay travellers, with more than 40% saying it was their favourite Asian destination.

Bangkok 40%

Singapore 11%

Bali 8%

Phuket 7%

Taipei 7%

Hong Kong 6%

Pattaya 5%

Tokyo 5%


We love to travel

62% of respondents said they had taken 3 or more trips for pleasure during the previous 12 months (that involved at least 1 night in a hotel).

32% said they had taken 6 or more trips  for pleasure in the previous 12 months.

Only 4% of respondents said they had not travelled for pleasure at all during the previous 12 months.


The coming year

We asked our respondents how many short (up to 5 days) and longer (6 days +) trips for pleasure they planned to take over the coming 12 months.

52% of our survey respondents said they planned to take 3 or more short trips. 38% of survey respondents said they planned to take 3 or more longer trips.

Overall, on average respondents planned to take 5 trips for pleasure (long and short) in the coming year.

Only 6% of respondents said they did not plan to take any short trips and only 2% said they did not plan to take any longer trips.


Gay travellers tend to book relatively short stays at each hotel

Within Asia, only 17% of hotel stays were for more than 5 nights or more.


Duration Europe Asia
1 – 2 nights 40% 50%
3 – 4 nights 35% 33%
5 – 6 nights 13% 10%
7 nights + 12% 7%


This compares with 25% for hotels stays by gay travellers within Europe.


Gay travellers tend to book hotels at the last minute

This trend is more pronounced in Asia, where 39% of gay traveller hotel bookings are made 7 days or less before check-in.


Europe Asia
0 – 7 days before check-in 27% 39%
8 – 31 days before check-in 30% 30%
32 – 90 days before check-in 28% 22%
91 – 180 days before check-in 12% 7%
181 days + 3% 2%



Even long haul gay travellers tend to make last minute travel plans

75% of travellers from Thailand and 72% of travellers from Malaysia booked accommodation within Asia less than 31 days before check-in.

68% of travellers from the USA, 64% of travellers from the UK and 62% of travellers from Australia booked accommodation in Asia less than 31 days before check-in.



About the Gay Asia Travel Survey


The Gay Asia Travel survey was conducted on www.travelgayasia.com  web site during May and June 2014.

95% of the survey respondents said they were gay males.

54% of respondents said they lived with Asia, 21% lived in Europe and 13% in North & South America and 11% in Australia & New Zealand


Hotel Stay Data

Hotel stay data was compiled from anonymous statistical data for a sample of bookings made via the www.travelgayasia.com web site over a 12 month period.

European comparison data was based a similar sample of bookings made via the www.travelgayeurope.com web site for the same period.



About Travel Gay Asia & Travel Gay Europe

www.travelgayasia.com and www.travelgayeurope.com provide comprehensive free gay travel guides for more than 100 of the most popular destinations in Asia and Europe.

The sites are used by more than 300,000 visitors a month from virtually every country on the planet to help plan short breaks, holidays or just great nights out.

Travel Gay Asia and Travel Gay Europe are editorially independent and maintained by a gay team based in the UK and Thailand.



Contact information for this survey  [email protected]

(c) Travel Gay Asia 2014. You may redistribute all or part of this survey subject to www.travelgayasia.com being acknowledged as the source and copyright owner.




We do not warrant the accuracy of the survey results. The results may have been affected by many factors that are out of our control. Whilst we believe they are meaningful, the results have not been subjected to detailed scientific analysis. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the results or the validity of the data. We will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of this survey, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.




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