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Chengdu Gay Saunas

Chengdu’s gay sauna scene is very local. MC is the only known gay sauna in the city. Check with locals for other popular gay cruising spots.

If you have updated information about Chengdu’s gay sauna scene, please send us a message.

MC Sauna

MC Sauna

1F Haicheng Dasha, 6 Tianxianqiao N Rd, Jinjiang District, Chengdu | map

| +86 28 8666 6029 |

audience rating 3.2 stars from 62 votes - click to vote

4 Star Winner
4 Star Winner

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Foreigner-friendly gay sauna that belongs to MC Pub (MC酒吧). The sauna is located downstairs from the bar. Attracts a local crowd is in their 20’s and 30’s.

While s MC is one of the few ‘exclusively gay’ venues in Chengdu, most guys are here to socialise. 成都市天仙桥北路6(东门大桥旁)海成大厦1楼

features bar, music, sauna (酒吧, 音乐, 桑拿) | Updated: 01-07-2018

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Blue Rain and Cloud Bath

15 Baijiatang Street , Chengdu | map

audience rating 2.8 stars from 20 votes - click to vote

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Local gay sauna in Chengdu with clean but basic facilities. Clients are mostly local Chinese guys with little English spoken.

Cheap entrance fee. 15 百家堂, 成都

features sauna (桑拿) | Updated: 11-07-2018

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