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Capital of Queensland and Australia’s third largest city, with lively atmosphere and laid-back gay lifestyle.

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WET Spa & Sauna

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The Sportsman Hotel


Brisbane’s only exclusively gay hotel with an onsite bar and restaurant. Sportsman is where yo...

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A Must

“Great Fun Friendly mixed pub, in the middle of the Gay action, Great food, Great decor. Sunday afternoon is…”

Warren on The Wickham Hotel

Creepy Old Wolf

“I can't believe this extremity of an overpriced waste of a night even has a listing here? I think the…”

Warren on White Wolf


“Great Night Club, Great DJs, friendly crowd. I loved the outside smoking areas, Hot Boys, A stones throw…”

Warren on The Beat MegaClub

A Must do hidden secret

“After being let down in Bowen Hills, I was told about this place all I can say is dam I…”

Warren on Number 29

Bad taste, run down museum

“I came here Saturday night 10-12-2016 the place was extremely quiet. I found the facilities old in need of…”

Warren on WET Spa & Sauna

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