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Shenzhen is one of China’s richest cities, with skyscrapers to admire, places to shop and cultural sights to visit.


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Gay Shenzhen • Hotels

Great hotels for gay travellers. Book now and save up to 75%. 同性恋友好酒店 深圳

Shenzhen gay saunas

Shenzhen Gay Saunas

A roundup of gay saunas for in Shenzhen. 同性恋桑拿在 深圳

Shenzhen Gay Bars & Clubs

Explore Shenzhen's up-and-coming gay nightlife.

Gay Shenzhen • City Guide

Basic travel essentials for first-time visitors. 同性恋 导游 深圳

Popular Hotels

Near the gay scene.

The St. Regis Shenzhen

Near the gay scene. Excellent gym, pool & spa. Great value.

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Shenzhen : 5-star

Shenzhen's best.

The Ritz-Carlton Shenzhen

Shenzhen's best. Central location. Luxury choice.

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Shenzhen : 5-star

Excellent value.

Holiday Inn Express Shenzhen Luohu

Excellent value. Self-service concept. Near the gay scene.

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Shenzhen : 3-star

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entertainment district with many hotels, near the gay scene

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Recent Reviews

It's decent “Went there a few weeks ago, it wasn't bad, drinks aside (drinks will always be expensive in places like these,…”Jack on Barden-Barden Disco Club

Dunno if it's still openning “Went there a few nights ago, the place looked like it's been shut down already. The gate was closed and…”Jack on Auld Lang Syne

Empty and Expensive “There is no "free entry"... visited two weeks ago around 10 and there was no one there. Apparently it starts…”Steve on Barden-Barden Disco Club

Just Don't Go “Went there on Monday. RMB$35 which is kinda cheap. But everything else is pretty bad. I opened…”Cheung on Yang Gang Sauna

The Only Gay Sauna in ShenZhen “Most of them are young working class, specially starting 16:00,thereafter keep busy, only 35 Yuan (US $7 about) for admission…”Lee on Yang Gang Sauna

Featured Venues

Why Not Bar

Popular gay karaoke and dance bar.

Yang Gang Sauna

Local gay sauna, popular with Chinese men.