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Koh Samet
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Gay Koh Samet • Hotels

Reviews and discounts for some of the island's best hotels for gay guests.

Gay Koh Samet • Restaurants

Our top choices of restaurants on the island.

Koh Samet • Gay Scene

Check out the island's small gay nightlife that gets very busy on special occasions.

Gay Koh Samet • Island Guide

All you need to know about this beautiful, tropical Thai island.

Trending Hotels

Great location.

Samed Pavilion Resort

Koh Samet : 4-star

Great location. Near gay beach & nightlife.

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Samed's finest.

Paradee Resort

Koh Samet : 5-star

Samed's finest. Stunning resort. Private beach.

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Gay popular.

Tubtim Resort

Koh Samet : 2.5-star

Gay popular. Excellent restaurant. Great value.

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Close to gay beach.

Silver Sand Hotel

Koh Samet : 3-star

Close to gay beach. Home of Silver Sand Bar.

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News & Features

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Featured Venues

Silver Sand Bar

Koh Samet

Gay-popular, open-air bar & restaurant with dance floor.

Jep’s Restaurant

Koh Samet

Excellent beachfront restaurant at Ao Phai.

Tubtim Beach (Ao Tubtim)

Koh Samet

The 'unofficial gay beach' of Koh Samet.

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