Ho Chi Minh Gay Bars & Clubs

Ho Chi Minh’s gay nightlife is small and very mixed. These gay-popular bars & clubs can be a hit or miss, though Friday and Saturday nights are usually busy.

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196 Đề Thám Street, Phạm Ngũ Lão Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh | map | distance

| facebook
+84 163 279 4179 | Free WiFi

weekday 16:30 - 02:00

weekend 16:30 - 02:00

Whiskey & Wares

audience rating 4.6 stars from 5 votes - click to vote

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One of the newest bars in town. Whiskey & Wares is an upscale but not pretentious bar, owned & operated by a two young American guys, attracts a mixed gay and straight crowd of expats, locals and travellers.

The bar serves a selection of whiskey at affordable prices as well as mixed drinks, Vietnamese-inspired cocktails with homemade ingredients, and a range of locally brewed craft beers.

The downstairs bar is relaxed, with a young, fresh and pop-jazz feel – a perfect place for a solo traveller to meet new people and chat with the friendly bartender and staff. Upstairs is a lounge with comfortable sofas where guests can choose their own music – great for larger groups.

features bar, music, live music, free wi-fi (酒吧, 音乐, 现场音乐, 免费无线上网) | updated: 02-05-2017

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6B Công trường Quốc Tế Q.3, Ho Chi Minh | map | distance

+84 90 342 7771 |

weekday 07:00 - 00:00

weekend 07:00 - 00:00


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A neighbourhood restaurant that turns into a gay-popular hangout & karaoke bar at night. PAPA Café serves food and drinks for lunch and dinner.

Until around 8pm, the stage is predominantly occupied by gay guys & their LGBT friends who like to show off their singing skills.

Friendly service and extensive menu for food and drinks. Located on Cong Truong Quoc Te traffic circle.

features bar, music, 'cafe, restaurant, karaoke, free wifi (酒吧, 音乐, 卡拉OK, 餐厅) | updated: 23-05-2017

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THI Bar & Live Music

224 De Tham Street, Phạm Ngũ Lão Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh | map | distance

| facebook | +84 8 2210 2929 |

weekday 17:00 - 01:00

weekend 17:00 - 03:00

audience rating 4.7 stars from 6 votes - click to vote

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One of the most popular bars in the Bui Vien backpacker’s area, owned and run by a French-Vietnamese gay couple. There’s a small bar and live music every night.

Very busy on the weekends. Mixed crowd.

features bar, music, dancing, live music, free wi-fi (酒吧, 舞蹈, 音乐, 现场音乐, 免费无线上网) | updated: 13-06-2017

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175/22 Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh | map | distance

| facebook | +84 93 233 9495 |

weekday 18:00 - 02:00

weekend 18:00 - 02:00

audience rating 2.5 stars from 10 votes - click to vote

Le PUB is another LGBT-favourite hangout, located within the backpacker’s district. This bar & nightclub (opened in 2004) has a fun, upbeat atmosphere, a chill-lout lounge and karaoke.

Popular with a younger crowd, and some nights are ‘gayer’ than others. Open from 6pm. Packed on weekends.

Closed for refurbishment until July 2017.

features bar, music, 'dancing, free wifi (酒吧, 音乐) | updated: 23-05-2017

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Republic Lounge

2/F, 63 Đông Du, District 1, Ho Chi Minh | map | distance

| facebook | +84 93 792 1023 |

weekday 10:00 - 02:00

weekend Fri,Sat 10:00 - 05:00

audience rating 3.4 stars from 7 votes - click to vote

Gay-popular lounge bar, café & restaurant with a nice atmosphere. Republic Lounge serves Asian fusion, Italian and Mexican food.

Regular happy hours. DJ’s and live music on the weekend. Closed on Sundays.

features bar, music, dancing, cafe, restaurant (酒吧, 舞蹈, 音乐, 咖啡馆, 餐厅) | updated: 19-06-2017

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