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  • To enter a gay sauna or cruise club in Japan, remember to take of your shoes first thing.
  • At some sauna venue you have to purchase entrance ticket from a vending machine. Ask the attendant if English is not available on the machine
  • Some type of entrance ticket will only be good for certain hours. Please adhere to the rules.
  • Be aware that some venues might not welcome foreigners and some might have age limit. Read reviews for heads-up and if you had a first hand experience please share in review section.

Recent Reviews

Staff are helpful

“The location is easy to find you just have to follow simple google directions... (TIP 1: ..”

Magichan on Hokuoukan
Osaka, Japan


“Is it allowed a person has tattoo to go ..”

Aru on G.M.P.D.
Sapporo, Japan

Okay sauna.

“Went there twice this week and quite okay. First time was a Saturday evening and ..”

Phil on 24 Kaikan Shinjuku
Tokyo, Japan

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