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city centre, New Delhi

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Delhi Queer Pride

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Annual LGBTQ+ Pride event in New Delhi, held every March.

| Updated: 18-02-2018

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Gay Delhi

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Social group for the LGBT community in New Delhi. Gay Delhi organised parties at the club Concord in 2005 and has since continued to host gay events at various venues in the city.

Their goal is to create a friendly, non-judgmental environment for the local LGBT community where they can meet, socialise and promote awareness and acceptance in the society.

Visit Gay Delhi’s website for upcoming events.

| Updated: 22-02-2018

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465/66 Esplanade Road, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

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Based in Delhi, Boyzone is an entertainment group for the LGBT community that organises events, parties, exhibitions, etc.

Regular gay parties are held on Saturday nights at various locations in the city. For visitors, it is best to call them and find out where the party is currently happening.

Parties normally get busy after midnight and continue on until early morning.

| Updated: 18-02-2018

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| website | +91 96 5037 4329 |

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Formed in 2003, Nigah is a Delhi-based social activist group who provides discussions on the queer issues of gender and sexuality and organises events for the LGBT community.

| Updated: 26-06-2017

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