Pattaya Gay Beach

Jomtien, located next to South Pattaya, is home to Thailand’s most popular gay beach and gay-friendly bars, most of which are right by the beach or around Jomtien Complex.

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photo taken early morning during off-peak season in November 2016

Dongtan Gay Beach at Jomtien

Dongtan Beach Road, Pattaya | map | distance

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Probably the most popular gay beach in Thailand. Dongtan gay beach at Jomtien attracts a diverse group of gay tourists, expats and locals, virtually all year round. The area gets busy in the afternoon and on weekends with people starting to drift back to their hotels around 5pm-6pm.

The gay section of the beach is located in front of Rabbit Resort. There is a tree-lined promenade that has been cleaned up, re-landscaped and closed off to traffic. Sun loungers have moved back from the water’s edge, making the beach area remarkably cleaner and more peaceful.

Street food vendors are now gone, but nearby cafés and restaurants remain open.

features cafe, restaurant, shop, massage, beach (咖啡馆, 餐厅, 铺子, 按摩, 海滩) | Updated: 15-12-2017

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