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NagaWorld Hotel & Entertainment Complex5 stars

62% OFF
on agoda

Riverfront location. Popular casino. Top-notch facilities. Check rates

Raffles Hotel Le Royal5 stars

60% OFF
on agoda

Historic hotel. Excellent pool. Great location. Check rates

Himawari Hotel Apartments5 stars

44% OFF
on agoda

Apartment style. Riverfront location. Fabulous facilities. Check rates

Aquarius Hotel & Urban Resort4 stars

58% OFF
on agoda

Excellent location. Fabulous rooftop pool. Chic rooms. Check rates

Okay Boutique Hotel4 stars

79% OFF
on agoda

Close to gay bars. Spacious rooms. Popular boutique choice. Check rates

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Blue Chilli / gay scene
near the Blue Chilli bar and other gay nightlife venues

Royal Palace
near the Royal Palace, National Museum and within easy reach of the gay bars.

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