Big Gay Quiz Night

Volume BEAT relaunches their “Big Gay Quiz Night” – to be held monthly starting Sunday 13th January 2013 at 19:30.

With gorgeous quiz masters and great prizes, BEAT will be putting the fun back into Sunday nights.

Test your gaydar knowledge with friends old and new.  Come as a team (so to speak) of 4 to 6 people or join one on the night.

Question rounds will include topics such as “music” (who has a larger net worth, Barbara Streisand or Madonna?), “current affairs” (which actor is being sued by his pilot?), “local knowledge” (What are names of the MTR stations before and after Diamond Hill?), “films” (The Wizard of Oz was the title of the film, but what was the title of the book?), “musicals” (Which musical has the song “The internet is for porn”?).

To help things along, BEAT will have an all-night-long “happy hour” and will be providing some great prizes – although everyone will be a winner whether you come top or bottom.  🙂

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Volume BEAT Hong Kong Quiz Night

valid from 13-01-2013