HX & G5 Taiwan Pride Parties






Three massive nights of parties from HX Productions & G5 to celebrate the 10th Anniversary Taiwan Pride Parade.


Friday 26th October – Taiwan Pump @ Jump  (22.30 – 05.30) featuring DJ Sawa from Japan and DJ Big Kid from Singapore plus Shangri-la Go-Go boys!

Saturday, 27th October – Taiwan Pride @ ATT4FUN  (23.30 – 05.30) with DJ Alex Taylor (Australia) and DJ David S from Taiwan.

But save a bit of energy for the final event at Luxy!

Sunday 28th October – Taiwan Power @ Luxy  (05.30 – 11.30).  All three halls at Luxy will be open with a stellar lineup of DJ talent including DJ Spectrum K (Thailand), DJ Head (Taiwan), DJ Mike Sniffen (Shanghai) and DJ Louis T (Malaysia).

Tickets now on sale at various outlets across Asia, including Tough Factory and G Paradise (Taipei), Koguma Café (Bangkok), Spy (Hong Kong) and SportsmenAsia  in Singapore. Alternatively, take your chance and buy at the door.

Just to wet your appetite a little bit more, one of our favourite DJ’s  Mike Sniffen (who will be performing at the massive Power party on Sunday) has released a Taipei Pride Podcast. Enjoy!

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