Out in the Open (出來一丁)

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Hong Kong’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community and friends will hold a celebratory gathering at Middle Bay Beach/Chung Wan Beach, 55 South Bay Road. There will be displays, speeches, music, food and drink.

Out in the Open is organised by a Sub-Committee of Pink Season.

How to get to Out in the Open. You can take the #260 bus from Exchange Square to “Repulse Bay Beach, Repulse Bay Road”http://www.nwstbus.com.hk/routes/routeinfo.aspx?intLangID=1&searchtype=1&routenumber=260&route=260&routetype=D&company=5&exactMatch=yes and herehttp://www.nwstbus.com.hk/routes/busstop.aspx?intLangID=1&stopid=002252&standid=002252A. Then look for the Out in the Open shuttle bus to Middle Bay Beach.

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