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Closed for Ramadan

Nicky - T1 Healthplex on T1 Sauna, Jakarta, Indonesia on 2017-06-24

“Message from T1 Management - T1 Healthplex (T1 Sauna) in Jakarta capital of Indonesia is temporarily closed during Ramadan, as it is government mandatory for almost all entertainment businesses in the country during the ...” read more

Good, if you have realistic expectations

Mark on Huang Ding, Taipei, Taiwan on 2017-06-24

“Went on a summer Sat afternoon, was there from 4-6pm or so. Total about 30 guys, fairly broad range of ages and body types. Me and 2 other Caucasians, rest were Asian. Very discreet atmosphere, and could easily be mistak...” read more

They send a totally different guy from the pic

cmil on The WOLF, Seoul, South Korea on 2017-06-24

“I booked Philip a week before and the manager confirmed it. The day of my booking the manager said that Philip is on his way to my hotel. To my surprise, he sent a totally different guy! They think the customers are idio...” read more

Amazing fun with hot Thai locals

Rick on Sauna Mania, Bangkok, Thailand on 2017-06-24

“I'm in my mid 30's, Asian, muscular built with huge pecs and shoulders. I was there on Thursday night between 9pm and midnight. Upon entering, didn't seem like there was anybody. I was lead to the locker room by the f...” read more

Never again

Peter on Boyz Boyz Boyz, Pattaya, Thailand on 2017-06-24

“A huge disappointment. Admittedly I went on a Wednesday night to the early show but the place was still very busy. 280 baht for a drink!!! 450 baht to buy a dancer a drink!!! About 30 dancers on stage, all fully clothed...” read more

Below average

Andy on Spa Hong Kong (Apollo Motel), Danang, Vietnam on 2017-06-23

“The place is a rundown motorbike repair shop with rooms upstairs - I really thought I had the wrong address. The mamasan is polite and fluent in English. The room was big and ok, the masseur who came was a young gay guy ...” read more

Thumbs up

Jay on Shanghai Onsen, Hong Kong, China on 2017-06-23

“I checked the Shanghai Onsen twice during my latest trip to HK. Both times the massage was excellent. First masseur was Andrew, muscular Asian guy with awesome massage skills. It was during a weekday so the place w...” read more

Well Equipped

Patrick on ARENA, Hong Kong, China on 2017-06-23

“I was there on the nude day and is the only sauna in Hong Kong that I had wild fun.” read more

Very nice and familiar place

Bernd on Shooter Spa, Bali, Indonesia on 2017-06-22

“Hi, went over for a massage and was treated by Haikal. Very professional and sensitive.” read more

Relaxing Evening

Adrian on The SP@ Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China on 2017-06-22

“I went to The Spa at around 7pm, after hectic day. The masseur was with Vic. He did well and great service, I felt very relaxing. And all tension was released. I choose package #3 with hydro spa 120 mins. Superb! Definit...” read more

Professional massage

Roman on NiNE Spa, Bangkok, Thailand on 2017-06-21

“Great experience! Clean, welcoming massage spa! I went without appointment here and chose a traditional Thai massage without any sex expectations. What I got, it was gorgeous! Very friendly receptionist led me to the roo...” read more

TGA Staff on Casa Diverso – reported closed, Chiang Mai, Thailand on 2017-06-21

“Thanks for the update - TGA” read more

Massive eyeroll

Tony on Aromann, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 2017-06-21

“Don't bother. It is just bad.” read more

Invigorating Massage in Kowloon

Rafael on Gay MassageHK, Hong Kong, China on 2017-06-21

“Called AK for an in-room hotel appointment on short notice, and was gracefully accommodated. 90-minute massage was a vigorous mix of Swedish, Chinese & Indian techniques. World's apart from the sensual Swedish stroke...” read more

Weird gay adventure

Star on Mun Hwa, Seoul, South Korea on 2017-06-21

“Few days ago I dare to stay there overnight. I was the only white man in a crowd of 30-40 Koreans aged 40+ and was in a center of their attention. There is no way to hide unless you want a dispute. This sauna is a great ...” read more

Best bar in boys town to relax and to watch everyone

Ken on Panorama Pub, Pattaya, Thailand on 2017-06-21

“David and the boys take care off you and it has the best vantage point in the street you can watch all the cute guys go past and relax with a nice cool cocktail made by Rab or enjoy a nice cold beer served by the waiters...” read more

Thanks Alex

Do on Spa Hero, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on 2017-06-21

“Thank You so much for your information, Best Regards, VuDo” read more

Empty and Expensive

Steve on Barden-Barden Disco Club, Shenzhen, China on 2017-06-20

“There is no "free entry"... visited two weeks ago around 10 and there was no one there. Apparently it starts getting busy "at 11." Friend and I sat down at the bar and ordered two cans of Budweiser. Our bill? 122RMB. Th...” read more

Happy end this service

lai on HUNK For Guy, Seoul, South Korea on 2017-06-20

“I visited during my trip to Korea. The manager came directly to pick me up. He was very kind and the trainer looked good. I visited twice and liked it twice. If you come to Korea, I recommend this place.” read more

Highly recommended

Michael on Minahasa Spa, Bali, Indonesia on 2017-06-20

“Best of the best spa in Bali. Can choose therapist, Very unique massage and good price. Highly recommended.” read more

Best sauna in Taipei

Peter on Soi 13 in Sauna, Taipei, Taiwan on 2017-06-19

“Went on a Sunday evening around 8pm and the place was packed. Mainly young crowd in 20's and 30's. Love the mandatory nudity, none of that walking around in underwear BS in other saunas in Taipei. Facility was clean with...” read more

Restaurant Closed

Jim on Casa Diverso – reported closed, Chiang Mai, Thailand on 2017-06-19

“The restaurant closed in early 2017. The owners were very nice and charming but the restaurant was not well managed. Bar service for example was exceptionally slow even when there were few customers. It is a shame bec...” read more

An awesome massage

D on Jakarta Male Massage Expert, Jakarta, Indonesia on 2017-06-19

“My first massage in JKT and I must say it was the best massage I've had in a long time. Dani was very professional and relaxed you from the moment he started. He really focused on the service and created an ambience of a...” read more


Jimz on Yang Spa, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on 2017-06-19

“Today i went to the Yang Spa for massage , this is the second time that i coma to Yang Spa. The staff is OK, they treat me well and I choose Thai Body Massage for 90 minute. The place is clean and nice. I got shower befo...” read more

So so

Mqir on My Hero, Bangkok, Thailand on 2017-06-19

“Renew open higher price but lower quarity” read more

Thank you for your valued review.

Chatree on Magic Hands Massage, Bangkok, Thailand on 2017-06-19

“Dear Mr.Young, First of all I would like to highly appreciate for your review. I would like to sorry for you did inconvenience with our services. Actually I do always explain to my customers when they contact me...” read more

You're always nice.

Chatree on Magic Hands Massage, Bangkok, Thailand on 2017-06-19

“Dear Az, Thank you very much for your kind support us. We always maintain the quality standard of massage services, and we do happy that you always receive the satisfactions of our services. We look forward to wel...” read more


ko on BIRDS Men’s Club, Hong Kong, China on 2017-06-19

“It is not good to install CCTv inside the shop.” read more

Super energy!!

Siggy on Farose II Sauna, Bangkok, Thailand on 2017-06-19

“Come later in the evening. Lots of Asians! They have a gym where u can workout naked! Lots of hungry eyes, haha! Went upstairs, its all dark, dingy, dirty and smell of action...I love it!! Will come again for sure!” read more

That's cool.

anthony on Red Line, Tokyo, Japan on 2017-06-19

“It made my time in Tokyo cool. It provided fulfillment and satisfaction to me who is staying in Tokyo. I also got more purpose to go to Tokyo.” read more