Safer Sex Free Downloadable Guide

Safer Sex Guide

for gay men

We love sex – all sorts of sex, in all sorts of positions, in all sorts of places.
Unfortunately, sex exposes you to a risk of catching a disease.
Understanding the risk can help you set limits, have more fun and stay healthy.
So, in partnership with Adam's Love, we have produced a Safer Sex guide for gay men.
The guide is free. You don't need to give us any information.

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Safer Sex Guide covers:

  • Risks associated with different types of sexual activity
  • How to reduce the risk
  • Understanding the diseases
  • Where to get tested
  • PDF file, formatted for easy reading a mobile, tablet or desktop
  • No registration required. Just click to download
Produced in association with Adam's Love, Thailand's Official MSM Health Website and The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center. Images © Adam's Love.

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