Shanghai Gay Dance Clubs

The Shanghai nightclub scene is generally mixed, though ANGEL continues to organise large dance parties that specifically target gay men, with guest DJ’s, dancers and shows.

179 Yichang Lu, Putuo District, Shanghai | map | distance

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+86 400 669 1069 |

ANGEL Shanghai

audience rating 4.0 stars from 31 votes - click to vote

5 Star Winner
5 Star Winner
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23-12-2017 Christmas Party - featuring DJ Daniel Naronha (Brazil) | read more

31-12-2017 New Year’s Eve Party - ANGEL Shanghai hosts a special edition on New Year’s Eve. | read more

The most popular gay dance party in Shanghai. ANGEL hosts special themed events all year, including their successful HEAVEN party series.

With state-of-the-art light and sound system, fabulous productions, international guest DJ’s and hunky dancers, ANGEL parties attract a large number of party boys who just can’t wait to take their shirt off.

The parties are usually held at Namco Shanghai Base in Putuo District – formerly named Shanghai Repulse Bay Culture Center – check ANGEL’s social media for the latest updates.

features bar, music, dancing (酒吧, 舞蹈, 音乐) | updated: 30-09-2017

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Lai Lai Dance Hall

2/F, 235 Anguo Road (near Zhoujiazui Road), Hongkou District, Shanghai | map | distance

weekend Fri-Sun 19:00 - 21:30

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Not a typical gay nightclub. Lai Lai Dance Hall provides a uniquely Chinese way for older gay men to discreetly meet and dance.

Chinese pop classics get blasted out in this rather run-down venue. Customers come here not for the music or the environment, but to feel comfortable in a place where they can show their genuine feelings.

Lai Lai  affords a generation of gay men (many of whom are married) a few hours to be themselves. Understanding foreigners are most welcome.

features bar, music, dancing (酒吧, 舞蹈, 音乐) | updated: 30-09-2017

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