Taichung Gay Saunas

Taichung’s compact gay scene and gay saunas can be found near the Taichung Central Station.


2 Shuangshi Rd, Ln 19, Sec 1, Central District, Taichung | map | distance

+886 4 2220 1069 |

Adam Sauna

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亞當男子三溫暖  臺中市 Adam Sauna has large facilities including a steam room, TV lounge, dark room, maze, video room, play zone, etc. Often quiet but it is one of the few gay venues in town.

Located on a street corner near the Taichung train station. No English sign – look for a white sign with Chinese characters and match the phone number with the one listed below.

features karaoke, steam room, sauna, maze, relaxing cabins, dark room (卡拉OK, 蒸汽房, 桑拿, 迷宫, 放松舱, 暗室) | Updated: 25-09-2017

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Honghua Palace Sauna

B/F, 145 Guangfu Rd, Central District, Taichung | map | distance

| +886 4 225 2665 |

weekday 24 hours

weekend 24 hours

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宏華宮三溫暖  臺中市  24-hour gay sauna in Taichung. Located one block from Taichung Park, Honghua Palace. Features a dry sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, TV room, etc.

Mature crowd with mostly Taiwanese men, but foreigners are equally welcome. 台中市光復路145號

features steam room, sauna, relaxing cabins (蒸汽房, 桑拿, 放松舱) | Updated: 06-08-2017

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