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Latest discounts for Taipei hotels in Ximending, near Taipei’s Main Station and Zhongshan District.

Hotel Midtown Richardson4 stars

54% OFF
on agoda

Near Ximen Station. Great value. Close to gay nightlife.

Caesar Park Hotel5 stars

59% OFF
on agoda

Luxury option near The Red House. Walk to gay bars. Great value for money.

Palais de Chine Hotel5 stars

58% OFF
on agoda

Very central. Near the Main Station. Easy access to gay bars.

WESTGATE Hotel4 stars

36% OFF
on agoda

1 min to gay bars & Ximen MRT. Excellent value. Late breakfast.

Just Sleep Hotel Ximending4 stars

44% OFF
on agoda

Near the gay nightlife at Red House. Walk to Ximen metro.

Park Taipei Hotel5 stars

79% OFF
on agoda

Central location. Great views. Easy access to the gay scene.

The Okura Prestige Taipei Hotel5 stars

62% OFF
on agoda

Great gym & pool. Exceptional service. Central location.

Amba Taipei Ximending4 stars

27% OFF
on agoda

Modern design. Great value. Near the gay bars scene.

Green World ZhongHua3 stars

60% OFF
on agoda

Convenient location. Excellent value. Near the Red House.

Roaders Hotel3 stars

49% OFF
on agoda

Popular new hotel. Easy access to The Red House gay bars & shops.

Via Hotel Ximen3 stars

66% OFF
on agoda

Near the gay venues. Clean rooms. Great service.

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top trending hotels in Taipei

Da-an district
hugely popular shopping and night market district

near Ximen Station / gay village
shopping and restaurant district, home to The Red House gay nightlife

Taipei 101
hotels near the iconic Taipei 101 Tower and shops

Zhongshan / Taipei Main Station
cultural & governmental heart of Taipei, near Ximend gay scene

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