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Rating: 3.5/5. From 104 votes.
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Large gay sauna in the heart of Osaka that has been around for 30 years. Facilities include locker room, bathrooms, sauna, steam room, cabins with TV, video room, and dark zones.

Private rooms are on the top floors where you can stay overnight. Admission is based on age – the younger, the lower the fee (see Hokuokan’s website). A valid photo ID is required.

Attract men of all ages. Foreigners are welcome. Open 24 hours. Busiest at the weekend before 9pm.

weekday: 24 hours

weekend: 24 hours

venue: sauna (桑拿) | features: steam room, sauna, relaxing cabins, dark room (蒸汽房, 桑拿, 放松舱, 暗室) | customers: gay | attracts: All types

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last updated: 18-02-2018



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based on 11 reviews
  1. Kind of nice

    “It’s clean, warm, nice rooms... the place itself is very nice... every time I’m in Osaka, is my sleeping option.

    Tattoos are completely ok.

    BUT! No one talks. People simply ignore each other. Specially if you are a foreigner. So it’s a nice place to relax, but if you are looking for a hookup, good luck! Because they will reject you almost instantly. So my advice, try finding a partner before going there...“

      on 21-01-2018 | Reply Problem with this review?

  2. Ok, but...

    “Incredibly clean venue over many levels. Went at 3pm in a Friday and quite busy. Great facilities.

    The entry fee is appalling. I’m 39 and there is an escalating fee pending age, which should be illegal. But when in Japan... Nothing but blatant discrimation.

    A smile from the front desk wouldn’t hurt either.“


      on 29-09-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  3. Staff are helpful

    “The location is easy to find you just have to follow simple google directions... (TIP 1: if you have hard time looking for the sauna, I recommend that you search it through google directions and make sure that you follow every step and turn) (TIP2: easier to get out from exit 3 of Nakazakicho station from there less than 2 minutes walk you will see yourself on the main door of the sauna). I went on a weekday (1-5pm), just for a quick visit not expecting for too much, but I had a great time...I like Japanese guys... soo good...need to visit again for sure...“


      on 07-09-2017 | Reply Problem with this review?

  4. Worth the time and money

    “I went there last 3rd week of August, and it was my first experience to be in a sauna/bathhouse. I found it to be thrilling and enjoyable. In my short stay in Osaka, i went there twice because of the pleasant experience I had. The amenities from the first floor to the fourth floor are clean and okay. The second floor where the baths are (entering through a separate entrance) were clean. There are 2 pools - one at 41 degrees celsuis and a less hotter one. Then the steam room where you can lounge and sweat by sitting are okay - one brightly lit and the other dimly lit. After shower, proceed to the 3rd floor and there you have the dark rooms where the action is for PLUs. I entered that dark sanctum and had fun. Just respect the preferences of your fellow sauna users; you'll know if they will reciprocate to your moves and vice versa. Everything is quiet and no word is said, but they understand through gestures. Overall, the experience was really very okay. This spa is highly recommended and worth your money and time.“


      on 08-09-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  5. 1st Japanese Bath house experience

    “Just came from this Bath house in Osaka. At first I was nervous since I did not know any Japanese, and it seemed nobody was interested when I was cruising around so I decided to lie down beside an almost naked Japanese man sleeping. Many were approaching the guy but he was not interested on getting any action. But to my surprise, someone laid beside me - it was sensational. The Japanese guy was kind enough to get the box of tissue and clean me up. Well, it cost me around 2,800 Yen while taxi costed around 3,000 Yen.“


      on 06-04-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  6. I did enjoy every minute

    “Went there on Tuesday enough people there basement for under 39“


      on 22-03-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  7. nice sauna

    “It is definitely a nice sauna I have ever gone before. Staff are nice and helpful. Unlike other saunas, customers in this sauna are ready to play because they really go there for enjoyment. You would never be disappointed for each and every visit I promise.“

      on 18-03-2016 | Reply Problem with this review?

  8. Not welcomed

    “I travel to Japan often so I am used to the fact Caucasians are not always welcome and this does not bother me.
    However I was appalled when I visited this sauna. It was beyond racist. I felt uncomfortable to the point I left after 30 mins.
    A waste of time and money....be warned !!!“

      on 13-10-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  9. A sprawling palace of delight

    “Came here on Saturday 16/5/15 8pm- 10:20pm. Hands down the best sauna I have ever been to in terms of sexual energy! And I've been to a few! Why? how? For one thing.. most of the action happens out in the open in sensual dim lighting (private rooms cost extra) so that even if you're down on you're luck you can enjoy a show. Secondly the place is massive! Sprawling over five floors (the basement is only accessible to those under 40) and laid out in a warren - like manner so that guys like me that like to explore can enjoy the thrill of getting lost and not knowing what's around the next corner. Lastly, the guys are hot and randy like rabbits... They're ready to jump or be jumped... All you need do is find a guy who's lying down and then show an interest! Strangely enough, with so much action everywhere the place is remarkably clean.. I can only put that down to the Japanese clean nature... Trust me! Go here!“


      on 16-05-2015 | Reply Problem with this review?

  10. Not great

    “I just moved to Osaka and went here on a Wednesday evening, and maybe it's different at other days/times. With the exception of another guy I was the only Caucasian, and it soon became clear why: this place does not welcome foreigners.“


      on 17-12-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  11. tattoos allowed?

    “Can anyone tell me whether they admit men with Tattoos?“

      on 28-10-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  12. I just couldnt find this place.

    “I followed the directions precisely and walked in circles for nearly 2 hours. I got in a taxi and after 15 mins of looking at the map he finally admitted he didn't have a clue, second taxi said he knew where was and then got lost.
    I asked several police officers and they all gave me different directions to find the right street, so I gave up and went home. I tried again the following evening, it was pouring down with rain, but two taxi drivers refused to take me because it was "too close by" - the time they took to tell me this they could have taken me there! They gave me vague directions, I got lost again and soaked in the rain, I gave up after again around 2 hours of searching. I just can't figure how anyone could find this place I didn't even see any of the landmarks mentioned in the directions other than the first two streets which were seemingly correct.“

      on 01-08-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  13. Don't believe the hype

    “Be aware that the English information for this sauna both on their website and at the recption of the sauna loses a lot in translation. They use the words ‘accommodation’ and ‘hotel’ to mean at least three different things.

    The first ‘accommodation’ charge is merely an extra charge for staying after midnight. There is no acommodation as such, just all the regular sauna facilities. If you don’t pay this charge up front and don’t leave at midnight promptly you will be charged an extra more expensive fee upon leaving, essentially a fine.

    The second ‘accommodation/hotel’ charge is for a room within the sauna. These are on separate floors, but are still part of the sauna. There are various prices for these, plus you will have to pay the first charge as well.

    The third kind of charge is actually for a hotel in the same building (but separate from the sauna). it’s entrance is the very next door, and uses the same reception as the sauna.

    On top of all of these, there is also charge/discount (depending on your point of view) for entry to the sauna based on your age.

    I actually found the way the charges kept adding up quite disquieting, and while I think it was a case of bad translation, this is the only time in Japan I felt like I was being fleeced.

    I went to this sauna twice. Both time there were a lot of guys there, but not so much action. From my observations the accepted means of hooking up with a guy was either pretend to be asleep until someone comes and plays with you (so you have no choice who that guy is), or be on the other side and be the guy that goes and hits on seemingly sleeping men. The sauna itself may be super clean and very well appointed, but I had more fun at other places in Japan. All very weird.“


      on 22-06-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  14. It's a Heaven!

    “It was my first visit to a gay sauna in Japan. We have similar saunas in Taipei, but none of them are as clean and elegant as Hokuoukan. I was very nervous as I don't speak a Japanese word. But the staff members were very helpful. I guess they already knew what I had to know to use their facility. It was Friday afternoon, and there were a lot of people from different age groups and body types. I was surprised to see quite a few foreigners as well. I loved the big relaxing bathtubs and the different kinds of saunas. I was sure people would be satisfied by just visiting there. Beginner's luck! I was lucky enough to get approached by two gorgeous Japanese men, and of course I spent a heavenly time with each of them. My frozen and hurt heart was melting and starting to heal in this foreign land. Since I was totally amazed by this lovely place, it took a while for me to realize I had lost my room key. Well, one of their managers came out of his office and helped me solve the problem. He was very friendly (and cute!) and spoke perfect English and Chinese. He helped me get into my room while other staff kept searching for my key. After all, the key was found and all my valuables and passport were safe. This was one of the best nights in Osaka. I heard there was another similar scaled sauna hotel, called Business Inn Royal, in the southern part of Osaka (near Ebisu Cho station by subway). Business Inn Royal is a sister facility of Hokuoukan, which is located in a quiet suberb near Tsutenkaku, the Osaka tower. It is said to have more older and chubby bear type crowds. I gotta go to see it too!“


      on 13-05-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

  15. A Great Experience

    “I visited Hokuoukan March 30 2014, and had a great time. The staff were welcoming. Being a visible foreigner was no problem. The crowd were in their 30s and 40s with some 20s and 50s. Only three white guys when I was there. The age of the crowd seems to depend on the day and time. The place was modern and clean. You will find whatever you're after – guaranteed. I did. Everyone was polite and respectful. I never felt threatened or creeped out. Highly Recommended.“


      on 02-04-2014 | Reply Problem with this review?

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